This Percentage of Parents Spank their Infant Children

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In another shocking case of…

WTF is wrong with people?

Research has shown that 6% of parents spank their infant children.

You might look at that percentage and think it’s small. It’s not, given the true insanity of the behavior. Imagine 100 parents at a party. You’d need a larger home to fit 100, but not a mansion.

As you mingle, you know that those 100 people represent six infants that regularly get beaten. And don’t balk at my choice of words. Spanking a baby that’s up to a few months old is a violent act.

These Neanderthals are standing about, drinks in hand, as if they weren’t criminally insane. The reality is, there is something dramatically wrong with these parents.

What does it take to believe that spanking a 100% innocent baby will do any good? To think spanking an infant child will teach it a lesson or “correct” its behavior is to be…

Just. Plain. Stupid.

And I mean stupid in every sense of the word.

Intellectually stupid.

Do they not understand that the infant cannot learn corrective lessons at this point in life?

Emotionally stupid.

These emotionally retarded people have no self-control. To blameĀ an infant for its instinctual behavior? This is emotional retardation.

Pragmatically stupid.

Spanking an infant is not only going to fail to correct the “misbehavior.” It’s going to make matters worse.

Stupid in every way imaginable.

There just isn’t an angle that justifies spanking an infant child. There’s no upside. No saving grace to balance out this ridiculously harmful parenting.

It’s easy to fantasize about getting these assholes in a room and beating the living shit out of them. They need to learn a lesson. But that isn’t the answer.

I do not know what the solution might be, but more violence? Probably not. Try to beat some sense into the parents that beat their babies would be another Neanderthal-like solution that might help the perpetrator relieve a little tension, but only exacerbate the problem.

Of course, if these infant-spanking idiots could be corrected by getting some beatings, it would be beatings well-used.

What’s the real solution?

I don’t know. Education seems like the right answer. But if we need to educate people not to spank their infants, God help us.

The education should focus on emotional maturity. How to become an emotional adult so that you don’t take out anger (that comes from your own impotence) on your powerless babies.

Who would do the educating?

I don’t know. Emotional maturity doesn’t seem to be a requirement to be a teacher – or a parent – or even the President of the United States.

Start small and teach people how to speak so children obey?

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